We have updated the downloads section. (apologies if anyone has been wondering where to download the software... we were unaware that our web host had deleted the download files... If anyone knows of a reasonably priced and reliable web host, we are open to suggestions).

The release candidate that is linked is not perfect, but we think it is very usable. It includes improvements such as:

- First order Biot Tolstoy Medwin edge diffraction

- Transfer Matrix materials design, including sensitivity to indicdent direction and a method for finite size correction (don't use a smart material if you are going to use the finite size correction)

- Finite Volume Method, including an eigenfrequency calculator that is great for modal detection, a method for determining the correlation scattering coefficient, and a great system for visualizing wave behavior.

- Multiple source objects, Common Loudspeaker Format (CLF) and arbitrary directionality support.

- Line sources: Traffic noise, and aircraft takeoff and landing.


- Auralizations over any speaker array you can design

- Smart particle animation (this is something we invented ourselves... it is very similar to other particle animations, but at every frame, each particle searches for its nearest neighbors, and they share energy, leading to a more visually coherent result that is easier to read)

- Animation over maps

- Support for Grasshopper, including icons (thanks to Pantea Alembeigi, RMIT)

- Support for IronPython