Pachyderm Acoustic started as the Master Thesis work of Arthur van der Harten, as a platform with which to explore new ideas in acoustics simulation. In 2008, the software was first published online as Pachyderm Acoustic. It has since seen contributions from a variety of individuals from many forms of practice in architecture and acoustics.

Arthur van der Harten

Arthur's career in acoustics began upon graduating from the RPI Architectural Acoustics program in 2008. At the time he was studying under advisement by Dr. Paul Calamia. He then used his Master's thesis project to start the Pachyderm project as a means to explore his own curiosity in acoustics, as well as collaborate with other researchers and professionals. This would lead to the pursuit of new applications for acoustics algorithms. Arthur joined Kirkegaard Associates in November of 2008, where experience designing public spaces, concert halls, theatres, opera houses, churches, mosques, airport facilities and other kinds of spaces provided the drive for further advancement of Pachyderm. During this period, Arthur continued to play a role in the dissemination of coding techniques in the field of architectural design, through the publication of several widely disseminated guides and papers on coding in IronPython in the architecture and design fields.

In April of 2012, Arthur joined the Foster + Partners Specialist Modelling Group in London, UK, as the first acoustician to ever work for one of the world's most admired architecture design practices, and the originator of a small internal consultancy in acoustics which continues today. Work on a much broader range of projects, and demand for much more specific data on finishes and forms provided the need to advance other kinds of algorithms within the context of Pachyderm, such as Finite Difference schemes, Transfer Matrix Method for absorption calculation, and a grasshopper interface, for further customization of design analysis tools.

In 2015, Arthur returned to the United States and is working as an acoustics consultant out of the New York/New Rochelle practice, Acoustic Distinctions, consulting for a variety of projects. Arthur has lectured at various institutions, including University College London, RMIT and Tsinghua University, University of Aalborg, Euronoise, Acoustical Society of America, and at various acoustics consultancies on a variety of topics, including presentation and visualization of acoustic design principles, best practice in acoustics simulation, and new techniques and applications of simulation.

These days, he  spends his free time with his young son and wife, and work on Pachyderm continues as needed. Arthur still enjoys working with professionals, academicians and other curious individuals of all stripes on compelling simulation problems.