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Another way in which materials can be assigned is by object. Suppose you have an object which belongs on a specific layer, but should not reflect sound the way other objects on its layer should... For this case, you can set its properties individually.

First, select the object and type "Properties" into the command prompt and hit enter. This will bring up the object's properties dialog.

If the selected object is the kind which can have acoustical properties, the pull down menu at the top will have an extra item: Acoustics. Click on this item to bring up the Acoustical properties.

Here you will see a couple of radio buttons which allow you to set the object's properties By Layer or Manual Choice. By default, this is set to By Layer. Set this to Manual Choice to enable individual object properties.

This will activate a series of controls below which look much like the sliders in the materials tab of the Pachyderm palette. Set these manually to the desired absorption and scattering coefficient values.

The first eight sliders refer to the absorption coefficients, which indicate the fraction of sound energy that is absorbed by an object or boundary. The next eight sliders refer to the scattering coefficients, which indicate the fraction of sound energy which is reflected in a non-specular direction upon contact with an object or boundary.

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