It looks like the images did not transfer over when I upgraded the site. My apologies for that. I will try to get them back, but it may be a few weeks. If it turns out that I can't, then I will post new ones when I have v2.0 benchmarked.

For those of you who mentioned the benchmarks in particular, the images were posted there for years, and my seasoned users know how well v 1.0 benchmarked. I promise that this is no deception on my part - It is just one of the hickups associated with a site upgrade.

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Welcome! Due to recent repeated attacks on the site, I had to destroy the old Joomla site and create a newer more up-to-date site. I hope you like it.

Pachyderm is very much alive and well as a project. In fact, more and more interested parties have come forward recently, just as the new 2.0 release nears completion. The new version will have pressure based algorithms, edge diffraction, loudspeakers (clf), calculation of more precise surface properties, new visualization tools, a grasshopper extension, and many other new possibilities. I look forward to continue working with you to improve awareness of acoustics issues in the built environment, and to further the art and science of acoustics simulation.

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